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Haute couture

Our main collection, in which the exquisiteness of our haute couture designs is reflected in our stunning gowns.

With almost a half a century as our guarantee of quality, our cuts and designs still remain as impeccable as back then. We are already well-known for our recognisable brocades, but we love to combine them with smooth materials such as silk shantung or mikado which you can find in any collection.

You’ll also find handwoven embroidery in golden and aged silver threads which adorn belts atop sheer waistlines. We cannot wait for you to discover our new marvellous classic cuts and the modern feeling they will inspire in you: we like to refer to them as our totally renovated authentic classics.

This collection is aimed at the more classic bride, although it still remains contemporary thanks to the wide range of designs it covers. We would say it is our most elegant collection and stands out from the current basic standards you find in other bridal wear collections. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the main pillar and the essence of all our collections.

Raimon Bundó 2016

Raimon Bundó 2016