Many times you make excuses to skip workouts. There may be many reasons due to which you are not able to go to the gym regularly. Hair’s not the case that you cannot build your muscles and size. It will not take your whole day. With some minimum equipment’s, you can easily get to the shape in which you want to be. Here are some of the muscle-building exercises that you can do at your home.

Press-ups training

For doing this exercise you have to get to a place of position. For that, you have to place your hand to the shoulder width by keeping your back flat. You just have to make sure that from your head to heels, a straight line forms. After that in the process, you have to lower your body. Do this exercise till your chest is a little bit away from your ground. We are doing this exercise because it is very helpful, as it requires muscle groups for growth.

Dumbbell standing shoulder press training

In this training, you have to be in a standing position and have to hold dumbbells with both your hands and it needs to be in shoulder height. You need to have an overhand grip for this and your palms should face in forwarding direction. Your elbows should be in straight to the bar and make sure they don’t move to the sides. Now in the process of training, your aim is to press the weight in the upward direction so that your arms get extended and after that, you have to return to the starting position. We are doing this training as it will straighten your joints and protect us from shoulder injuries.

Farmers walk training

In this training, you again need dumbbells like the previous training. For this, you need to have a dumbbell in both of your hands and after that, you have to think that your weight of the body gets halved. Then again you need to get onto the standing position and your shoulders should be in the back position. You need to hold the dumbbell at sides and walk in the straight direction with short steps. We’re doing this because as a beginner this exercise is very simple to do. This exercise charges your grip strength.

Bicep curl training

In this training, you again need to have in standing position having dumbbells in your hands. You have to keep your arms stationary. After that curl them at your shoulder level. Your main focus in this exercise is making your elbows in still position. Only you have to move your lower arms. This training is very useful in making mirror muscles.

Plank training

Get onto press-ups position for this training. Your focus is resting on four arms. You need to keep your back in the straight position and just have to to work on glutes and abs. This exercise will make you injury-free and help you in making a six-pack.

Dead Bug training

In this training, you have to get onto your back position. After this make your hands in straight position above your shoulder and you need to keep your knees in a 90-degree position. Then you have to make your leg in a straight position until your heel is some distance from the floor. Then again you have to return to the first position and then after one cycle, you have to repeat it with another leg. Indus training you are working on your core stabilizers. These muscles are useful in sports when you are doing physical activity. You are working on your legs by extending it and your heels by hovering it which is helpful in many activities.

Side plank training

In this training move your body to the side position. Keep your legs straight and make your body popping on your elbow. You need to form a straight line with your body by braising your hips and bracing your cores. Your aim is to hold your body with the breeds that you are taking. After one cycle you need to repeat it with the other side of the body. If you are doing this in left side then repeat it on the right side.

Lower back Kurl training

In this training again you have to get to your back position. Then you have to move your chest in an upward direction and don’t have to move your hand. You have to keep it down. In this process, keep your head in an upward direction. This exercise is very important in making strong other muscle groups with the help of back workouts.

Calf raises training

English training you need to get to your standing position and hold the barbell. Stand straight and make your toes in the forward direction. Then and keep up the heels of your shoes in an upward position or off the floor. These exercises are helpful in leg practices because they will provide you with strength.

Shadow Boxing training

You probably have seen some boxing matches during Olympics or events that are organised in your city. You just have to do what a boxer is doing. You just have to adapt a fighting position by bouncing on your toes. Keep punching with both your hands. This exercise will provide you with cardio strength.…

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